Missions partners

algo más

A church and non-profit organization in Juárez, Mexico.
They are missionaries seeking to revive the culture and show a broken city what it means to be free in Jesus.

Algo Más is penetrating the culture of Juárez, Mexico by teaching the people about jesus and his freedom, creating healthy community through relationship, growing the local church by establishing free training sessions for local pastors, teaching better discipleship, and helping those in need by building homes and safe community buildings for the people of the city. 

Hydrating Humanity

A non-profit humanitarian organization providing clean, safe water, hygiene education and hope to people in developing nations.

Hydrating Humanity's core identity is to realize REAL tangible transformation in the poorest areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. they believe the spearhead into these communities has to be clean, safe water and hygiene education. Meet the crisis, save lives, love on people, build relationships and partner with others for lasting sustainability.